07 October 2013

The Past Five Hours

It's again four in the morning and I can't sleep. I can't sleep, but I have no desire to work, which puts me in the tricky situation of knowing that I will wake up in a foul mood some time tomorrow morning, feeling run over by a car and having accomplished exactly nothing. I know it. And I know it, because I've done it a thousand times.

So I look back on my past five hours. What have I done? How have I spent my time from a harmless eleven o'clock to an unjustified four? I published two posts on my blog, one of them a video clip, and I contemplated starting a new book, almost felt the need to, for the sheer act of reading unread words, but walked away from it.

I sat at my desk and looked up Frank Gehry and his architectural works. I looked up Alan Watts and some of his philosphical work. And I looked up George Carlin and watched a clip of his comedic work. It's called stand-up comedy, but I often don't find it funny. He says whatever he wants to say and it makes me think, and I think he would've made a brilliant teacher.

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