01 October 2013

October Now

So, now it's October and the year is one step closer to be over. Oh well, what can you do. Exactly, there's nothing you can do, except for getting a grip on life and make the best of what's left. And I'm disappointed to find myself upset a lot these days. Things got better since my brother came here, but in general I spend a lot of my time being miserable. 

No, actually that's not true. In general I'm doing pretty well. I make ends meet. I pay rent every month, I don't work like a robot, I don't depend on my part-time job... and that's where I hesitate. My main source of income is a part-time job at a friend's skateshop. It's fucking awesome, because it's easy and fun at times, but it gets me nowhere.

I'm thirty now. I get by alright, but that's it. I get by and make nothing out of what I studied for, what I put myself through for years of education. My job right now could be done by any senseless little fuck from the streets. That's how sophisticated my job is. And now tell me that's not frustrating. I should reevaluate my skills. I think it's time.

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