11 October 2013

Good Times No Matter What

It was a night like we've had so many before, like we will hopefully have countless more to come. Guys night out on an otherwise meaningless Thursday. Our favourite bar. The owner, a bald encyclopedia of music, plays our requested songs and we enjoy them with plenty of beer. It was the first time my brother was with us and we had a fantastic time. 

It was late when he and Leoni decided to take off. Giwoun and Jonas wanted to go to another spot, wanted the hours to continue forever. And so we went. We crossed the street and jumped down the stairs towards another bar. Dopey on drinks and brothership Jonas felt the urge to karatedancekick a neon sign. He missed and tumbled, we had a blast. 

To our disappointment our designated place was closed. We climbed up the hill and were walking along the main street when suddenly Jonas stopped and looked down his feet. What's up, we asked and he showed us his ankle. His white sock was dark red, his foot bathed in a bloody shoe. A cab brought us to a hospital and we spent the night by the emergency room. We will remember it as one of the best nights ever.

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