11 September 2013


Today I saw a cat on the side of the street. It was a nice, cloudy day. The cat was a youngster, perhaps a few months old. He was lying in the sun. The back alley is a quiet street, mainly used by pedestrians like me and the occasional scooter. Still, I thought it was a little dangerous to take a nap. Then, as I got closer, I saw the flies. Dozens of them. 

Later I went to a coffee shop and couldn't help but listen to the conversation at the next table. A girl was talking, complaining to her friend. About her boyfriend who went to Paris on vacation and ran into an old friend, a girl, who is studying in London and was on vacation as well. A joyous coincident, one might think, but for her it was reason enough to break up.

On my way home I took the subway. I sat across from an old man who kept staring at me. Not in an agressive way. He looked lost, as if he was searching his memory for something he had forgotten a long time ago. Sometimes I wonder what's it like to be old. I tend to forget that today is tomorrow's yesterday. Let's try and live with no regrets.

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