18 September 2013

Think About It

I was looking back on my life two years ago. Man, having a blog like this is a goldmine when it comes to digging in the past. Plus, when I have difficulty finding the right words or a topic to talk about it helps a lot to flip through the posts like they were vinyls in a record store.

Two years ago I was in London. I had just moved in my flat by Mornington Crescent Station. You know, there are words, names, sometimes songs and other things that transport you right into another space. The memories attached to them take you there in a second. It's amazing. 

One year ago I was in Seoul. I had again moved, into this apartment right here right now. I had just sent off my dissertation, off to Russell Square, London. I was free from academic obligations, free to skate, free to do whatever. I should remember that today. I am free. To do whatever.

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