25 September 2013

Consider Your Age

Whenever I see old people I find myself sighing. They are everywhere, my neighbourhood is full of them. I see them in the streets, on the bus, at the train station. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. They just make me think a lot. People here complain about their age at any age. They act as if life is more or less done at twenty-five. Come thirty and they start to panic. Life is almost over now.

Screw that. I see old people everyday and they don't seem to complain about age thirty, age forty, even age sixty. They're happy when they've successfully climbed up a large set of stairs without losing balance. A time will come when control over your body will dwindle. Think about it, your legs, your digestive system, your memory, your sense of taste, and finally, your will to live. 

I see old people everyday. some of them look happy, but that's only a small percentage. It makes me think about my future days as an elderly. I generally consider myself a happy person and I'm scared of becoming a bitter, old man. Independence is a great deal and I promised myself not to complain about my age as long as my body and mind are intact. I am happy where I am in life today.

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