07 September 2013

One Good Reason

Skateboarding should always be fun. That may be a given, but it's not always like that. Often it's also frustrating. I've seen many boards fly through the air like cannonballs, like well-hit baseballs, like heavy propellers. Skateboarding is not always fun. 

I've smashed my board out of anger many times myself. It's one of the most stupidest things a skateboarder can do. And yet, it happens. The number of reasons to turn berserk on your board is infinite. It starts with not landing tricks that you usually land. 

On a bad day, having chosen the wrong socks to wear can be enough to flip the script. A sunny sunday session turns into a furious massacre. I thought it would change with age, but I recently found out that it doesn't. It will probably be the same forever. That's one reason to love skateboarding.

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