05 September 2013

Now I'm Here

Open 1:00 - 23:00, the sign says. Now it's 1:18 and the tables are already filling with customers. I got a good seat near the store front, a cushioned bench with a rich view. Mild daylight is flooding my table as I'm waiting for my house blend coffe. 

I realize it's been a while since I sat in a foreign cafĂ©. The unfamiliar sounds - French chansons played too loud, a coffee grinder with no manners, people babbling non-stop - are challenging but strangely exciting. Eagerly I fish for my notebook and pen. 

There's my coffee. I take a first sip and think about London, where I enjoyed walking around looking for something to inspire me. And the city never let me down. Leyas was my favourite coffee shop. So far away. Funny how things develop.

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