10 August 2013

Something from Nothing

Mh, delicious drip coffee. Home-made and burnt to the max. Amazing. D'Angelo is vibing to clean, old-fashioned beats that make me nod my head. Chocolates to my left, phone to my right, mug under my nose. Let the work session begin, is what I thought before I clicked on 'create new post'. And here I am, trying to create. 

But what does it mean, to create? A quick search answers the question with "to make or produce (something), to cause (something new) to exist". I like that one, to cause something new to exist. Something that didn't exist before. That's what writing is, I think. A blank page turned into a blog post, a newspaper article, a letter.

Creation has so many forms. It's definitely work, but I wonder why there is no occupation called creator. I've met people who call themselves that and I think it's not a bad title to have. There's definitely worse. Bitch, for example. As in, so, what do you do? Oh, I'm that guy's bitch. Wouldn't want to trade with that. No, I think creator isn't bad. Just have to start creating something.

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