13 July 2013

Monday Tuesday Saturday

Saturday. The weekend. Does it make a difference? No. Since a certain amount of time - I'm saying that, because I don't remember when it started - the names of the days of the week have lost their meaning. Sure, I have a schedule that tells me I'm working at the shop then and then, I have this meeting here and that appointment there. Daily, weekly, monthly. 

But, not much changes just because today is a Saturday. A long time ago, Saturday meant Korean school. It meant to meet K at the train station, usually around noon, Kuhni in Meckenheim and Jitae in Duisdorf. It meant four Korean kids walking around a German city and getting kebabs and Fanta lemon. It meant being young and free, at least to some degree. 

Today, ten years later, Saturday means just another day. I get up and check emails. I fix breakfast and do a little work till noon. If it doesn't rain, which these days is not likely to be the case, I consider going to skate. If it does, I do something for lunch and continue with work. In the evening I might meet my lady, or some friends. That's when I get that it's a Saturday. 

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