30 July 2013

End of July

It took me forever to finish recording this month. I ask myself why, but myself has no answer for me. Sometimes it's like that. C'est la vie, they say. And it's not that my vie was lacking life this month, by all means. Good shit, bad shit. Shit happens everyday, without exception.

There have been stressful factors, but not all of them were work-related. I keep saying this, but it's true: work always plays a role. Why? Because I'm thirty years old. I work. It repeats itself, so I repeat myself. That's why. Is it good? Yes, it's fucking great, and I'm not being sarcastic. 

No, the only thing I really want to complain about, and it's not so much a complaint as maybe a regretful mentioning of the truth, is that I'm still not as active, not as productive on multiple channels as I want to be. I have plans shy of realisation. I ask myself why, but myself has no answer.

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