18 June 2013

Spend the Night

This weekend, except for two hours of sports, revolved solely around translating articles for Eloquence. I've had a good number of different jobs and I think that this one is definitely worth all the effort. Sure, I loose weekends and evening hours, but that's mostly my choice. In return I get to sleep till nine most days and go skate twice a week.

For this issue I did most of the translations from Korean into English. In total, it was a dozen pieces, all for the same publication. Sure, there are flaws, perhaps the direction could be a little steadier, but I honestly think it's a great magazine. The team is strong. There's a staff photographer, an awesome arts direction and a group of smart editors.

Last night I didn't sleep. Yesterday was my deadline and I'm quite happy with all my final products. It's been a long time since I last spent a night up with work. I love how quiet the neighborhood gets after midnight. The occasional scooter shoots by, followed by a dog's faithful but sleepy barking. It made me realize how important it is to enjoy work.

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