20 June 2013

Keep Calm and Finish Your Meal

Today I almost lost my phone. I mean, I did loose it, I left it in my pants pocket when I left the cab, but my pocket didn't hold it as I got up. So, I did loose it, but I found it back. Sumin and I went to a restaurant near Itaewon and after we took a seat and ordered food and wine I wanted to check my phone. That's when I realized it wasn't in my pocket anymore. 

We called my number and luckily somebody answered the call. It was the woman who caught the taxi after we left. She saw the phone ringing and was nice enough to pick it up. As it turned out she was taking the cab to go to Dongdaemun where she works in a fashion store over night. She told us to drop by anytime before tomorrow morning and she'd hand it over. 

Also I realized that whenever things like that happen, I instantly think of the worst case scenario and work with that situation. In this case, I made a list of what I would have lost and tried to make my peace with it. But then, the woman picked up and my stirred-up world calmed down again. So much so that we even finished dinner before we left. Such a nice evening.

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