03 June 2013

Answer the Question

The other day, Incheol, our store manager at Timber, asked me about the weak spots of my personality. It was a slow day, not many costumers made it up the Namsan hill to visit our shop, and we had finished packing the orders for the day. His question surprised me, I wasn't prepared at all. What don't you like about your own character? he said. 

I put away the tape dispenser and the box cutter and took some time before I said something. Why do you ask? I finally said, trying to buy more time to fully comprehend the question. Then I realized that he probably wasn't asking for an empirical deconstruction of my mindset. I don't know, I said laughing, let me think about that. It's a good question. 

What don't I like about my character? 
Sometimes I think about thinking too much.

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