26 March 2013

Original Lp Mix

Little kids in colorful uniforms come running down the street, happy and excited because school is over and the day is still young. Many hours full of sunshine and happiness are left and yet waiting to be filled. It's probably one of those few things that you learn to appreciate only when it's too late. Especially in summer when the sun has just passed its highest point, you keep looking at your watch and as soon as the bell rings everyone storms out. 

This paragraph above I typed almost a year ago. I'm re-editing a draft from early 2012, but I'm not sure yet how. At that time I was in London, a time that I never want to miss in my life. I flip through my archives and find lots of memories. Some of them feel far away, others rather recent. I go further and find posts from a year before that. I was in Germany. Our odd little town, which I longingly think about every now and then. Funny how that goes.

Also, in March that same year my friend Hizzle created her blog. She's been quiet for a while, but now she's back. A few weeks ago I saw that she had left me a message in form of a post. I enjoy walking through her pages, catching up on soulful tunes, splendid-looking delicacies and small pieces of happiness. An hour passes and I'm back at my desk, right here in Seoul, right now at twelve fifty-two. I wonder what my friend Hizzle is up to now.

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