09 May 2012

Keep Calm and Get Over It

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel ready. Ready for what? Ready for the day. Any day. You feel prepared for a hundred hours of activity. Whatever it is that the day wants from you, you're ready to give it everything you have. You feel like you've had enough rest, that your body is itching to get out of bed. Your mind, too, is wide awake and ready to change the world.

Sometimes that's how it is. Unfortunately, today is not such a day. It's quite the opposite. I woke up after a decent amount of sleep, but felt like shit. Sleepy shit. I sat up and my body was aching, my joints and muscles made me think of a tractor, it was a depressing scene. My head was pounding, must be all that wine that I had last night, I thought, but oh wait, I didn't drink last night. 

Sometimes you wake up with a long sigh. You want to say words like fuck and shit before you even look at the alarm clock, see what time it is. You don't even want to know what time it is. Because you already loathe the day, hate every minute of it. Coffee tastes like shit, cereals taste like shit, you want to shoot every bird that dares to sing. Sometimes it's just like that.

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