22 June 2011

Picking Up new Parts

For a number of reasons I had to send my skateboard back to Germany via sea mail. Together with some other extra kilograms of luggage it's carefully packed and probably on it's way by now. They say it might take up to three months, but I'm expecting it in around two. Still, two months is a lot of days without pushing around. So after calculating a couple essentials I decided to cut down on some other stuff to get new gear. I still have a deck here, but all the other parts I'm short of.

For starters I need new trucks. They gotta be low and of course not wider than seven point five. Preferably not too colorful, a matt silver or matt black would be best, and as light as possible. I knew that new trucks would be the most expensive part, but you don't want to be riding cheap trucks. Fortunately I came across a good deal for a set of Thunders in matt silver with a dark red baseplate. There were shiny ones for a few less Euros, too, but I'd rather pay the extra buck.

Then I need wheels as well. So I went to a shop in Bonn and checked out their stuff. They did have perfect Bones wheels, but they were way too expensive. I mean, basically I only need fair-enough substitutes for two months. They also had proper Robotrons - 50mm and 100a - but they were still thirty Euros. That was a problem. So I checked online and finally found some slim-cut blank ones with even better measurements for only half the price. Let's hope they work. 

For bearings I chose Diamond Abec 5's, and just to make sure I also got Bones bushings in 90a. They come with the blue hard plastic tops so that you don't need any washers anymore, which means you save valuable millimeters, which means you can loosen your trucks a little bit more. Perfect. Then I got an ordinary pack of bolts, although I usually prefer black 7/8'' allen bolts with no thread on the deck end, but the 1'' cross ones should do for now. Can't wait to ride again.

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