30 June 2011

End of June

The last day of the month. Half of the year is gone now, and nothing in the world can turn back time. What happened has happened, whether good or bad, and we have to look forward no matter what. Many trips have been taken, many thoughts have been thought. I've been to northern Europe and south-east Asia. I've learned and I've taught, I've sold and I've bought. Things have been lost and things have been found. All in all it was a very eventful time.

Seasons have changed and winter turned into spring. Days have become longer and the sun comes out more often. I'm glad that skateboarding is still a big part of my life and I'm thankful for every day I may follow my passion. Energy is being gained and used on various ends. I try to keep my body in motion and my brains occupied. Plans are being made and strings are being pulled left and right to realize them. The pursuit of happiness, God knows it's not easy.

There's so much going on everyday, flashy distractions everywhere, but as long as you keep walking at a steady pace and with a destination in mind, you should be alright. That's what I tell myself and it helps me to keep track of what I'm doing. Half of the year is already gone and a lot of things have happened. I'm repeating myself, but it's serving a purpose. Awareness is key. It's important to know where you are. And it's important to know where you're headed.

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