09 April 2011

A New Beginning

There are many different ways to mark the beginning of a new period, a new cycle of events. People sometimes need reminders to regrasp their routines. Things like birthdays, things like the change of seasons, the change of flowers and fruits. But also material things as ordinary as the monthly paycheck help us to understand where we are. I'm sure everybody has his own personal objects. And to me, one of those items is a notepad. I always carry one around, and it helps me to keep a certain order in my everyday life.

And today, I unpacked a brandnew stationary companion. It's a ruled B5 Morning Glory hard cover notebook with a hundred neatly stacked pages. Each page has twenty-seven lines, front and back. Each line can hold approximately twelve to fifteen words written in my handwriting. It's the perfect notebook. And believe me, I've tried a lot. From A5 to A6, which were fine but just too small for my liking, to regular A4, which was alright, but hard to fit into my bags to begin with. So, B5 it is.

A hundred untouched pages, waiting to be given a purpose. I probably won't manage to fill them all with writing only, there might be the occasional drawing, too, but I will try to respect each and every single page's dignity. Most of them I will probably use to jot down more or less valuable thoughts and ideas, others I will fill with lists and simple notes, and perheps some of them I will form into a letter to a friend. Anyways, I'm sure that some of it will end up here on this blog, perhaps in an entry labelled Thoughts, just like this one.

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