11 April 2011

A little Journey back in Time

It's a day like any other. Joey and Ross are sitting in the living room of Monica's apartment when Chandler enters.
Chandler (excited): Guys, what are you doing tonight? Are you ready to party?
Ross: (tired): Yeah, I don't know, there's this thing about fossils on the Discovery Channel, so I could maybe go for a couple of beers.
Chandler: You don't understand. I said, are you ready to PARTAY?
Ross (standing up): Nooo, Gandalf?
Chandler (screaming): Yes! Gandalf the Wizard is coming to town.
They freak out in excitement and dance around the apartment.

That's about how I felt when a few weeks ago I received a message from one of my favorite brothers out there. He's called 지원이형 a.k.a G1, last time I met him was in November when I was in Korea. He told me he was coming to Germany for a few days and he liked to meet up with some of the old bunch from uni. I told him not to worry, that I would take care of everything. Just leave everything to me, I said, and asked our friend T to tha B for some help. We picked a day, a place and a time, and sent out some mails.

Unlike Gandalf, G1 made it to Germany and we all met, just like we had planned. As it turned out, he was on a business trip and extending his stay for an extra two days. I knew we wouldn't be able to partay, so we just planned a mellow day on the famous Hofgarten. Back in the days when we were still students, we used to hang out on the Wiese any given sunny day. We would picknick and study or nap around and watch people, it was the most natural thing in the world. And it seems like we had taken it for granted.

At least that's what I thought. When I got there, some of the crew was already waiting. Walid, Kid Aggro and Orcun Orcun were sitting on a curb, and soon after me Yuki, Yumi, Rina and a friend of hers arrived, too. We said hello and looked for a good unoccupied spot on the green when suddenly the main theme of Shaft was playing. We looked around and there he was, walking in slow motion, cold as ice. The G1. Man, it was good to see him. We picked a nice spot not far from the Hauptgebäude. 

I had brought a small threefolded Strohmatte that I got at Daiso for 3000 won, and two Korean Air blankets to sit on. We started the chilling and maybe fifteen minutes passed, when T to tha B finally arrived, then another friend of Walid and G1's, then Eddy and Fady and finally Jana, a.k.a the Riemen came as well. We had beers and pizza and chatted about school and lectures, about friends and forgotten times. We talked till the sun went behind the building. And it felt indeed, like it was one of those days.

By the time we got hungry we were a group of almost twenty, maybe eighteen. We picked the Machold in the old part of the city and finally finally Reggie joint us as well. We had a few drinks and listened to some of the Riemen's hard-boiled stories. One by one members of our party were leaving, and my last train was leaving at 23:17, too. It was really hard to leave, but what was I supposed to do? I still had to work on my stupid translation and make it sound alright. I wasn't satisfied at all. Not with the translation, nor with the leaving. But all in all, it was a genius day, lots of memories and lots of laughter. Good times.

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