10 March 2011


I guess, not too many people pay much attention to everyday items like pens. A pen is a pen, one could think. I'm no specialist, either, but I reckon that everybody who's got to do with words and writing will know a good pen's worth. And it's got nothing to with how expensive it is. There's good cheap ones and there's bad pricy ones. I think everybody has his own preferences, his personal means of measurement.

For example, I generally prefer black ballpoint pens. I think I've never been too much of a fountain pen person. Although, most recentely there has been a fountain pen incidend that made me think that having a nice one would be nice. Soft-leaded pencils are okay, but too fragile to carry around. Plus, you have to have a sharpener, too. Markers are fine, when they're not too thick. Anyways, here's my top five pens.

1. Faber Castell Uni-Ball 100
2. Ball Pentel Fine Point R50
3. Uni Jetstream 101
4. Edding 2185
5. Monami Plus Pen 3000

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