13 March 2011

Hector und das Wunder der Freundschaft

I just finished reading Francois Lelord's Hector und das Wunder der Freundschaft. It's a French book and a sequel to Le voyage d'Hector ou la recherche du bonheur and some other stories about Hector, the psychiatrist. Funny thing though, I just searched for the original titel and found out that Hector is so popular here that they released this one in Germany, before they even did in France. Crazy.

It's written in a rather simple manner, I guess. Absolutely enjoyable nonetheless. The reader follows Hector on an adventurous trip through Asia to find his friend Edouard, who went missing after stealing some millions of Euros. During his trip he meets many different people, some of them are his friends and some of them aren't, but they all help him to follow his study on friendship. 

I liked reading this one a lot, because its narrating voice tells you a lot about Hector's thoughts. And it's kinda fun to see things through a psychiatrist's eyes. Also this book obviously makes you think about friendship a lot. I don't agree with all the notes Hector takes, but all in all I agree with him. It's a quite leisurey read, you should give it a try if you feel like reading something not too heavy.

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