16 February 2011

London - Day 3

Third day, second morning. Good sleep again, thank god for a probably very expensive matress. I gained an extra hour of time today, because I forgot to londonize my phone. I used it to lie next to Chunky and plan my day. Breakfast, Brixton, Victoria Line.. and then I fell asleep again.

Before I took the train today, I walked around Brixton a bit. I only covered a block or two around the station, so I only got a rough image. One of the shops had a cardboard sign standing outside that said 'Tailor Wanted'. On the train I tried to read my book, but could only think about being a tailor, living in Brixton. After a while I gave up and got off at King's Cross.

I transfered to the Northern Line to get to Old Street. I got coffee at a shop right next to the station and took a window seat. Amazing how busy London is. So many people, so much going on, it really reminds me of Seoul a lot. Except for the tourists nobody's in the streets for fun; everybody has somewhere he needs to be. After I had finished my filter drip, I walked around the area and I'm pretty sure I missed the good part of Shoreditch. 

From Aldgate East I took the District Line to get back to the Covent Garden area. At lunch time I met up with Patrick again. He brought a woman called J.M. and Ah Reum from work. I was looking forward to meet her again, but unfortunately we didn't get to talk much today. We went to a korean take-out restaurant and took our boxes into a park nearby. I had 제육볶음 and it was surprisingly good. 

After lunch I found my way to Russel Square. Patrick gave me a list of bookstores I want to check out. One of them is called Skoob. It's a second hand place that sounded very promising, so I looked it up. And indeed, they have like a million books in the basement. Although I found none of the novels I was looking for, I got some really good stuff on writing, and even a fine collection of euphorisms.

London, I found out, is an insanely colorful place. It's just as hectic as Seoul, but everything and everybody looks different. Not so much of the uniformity here. And maybe that's why it fels like such a foreign city to me. I also think that central London isn't too big a place after all. I mean, it's still huge, but I feel like once I know my way around, I might bring my board along someday.

I'm afraid that all the walking and exploring has dried me out a little. I feel constantly tired now and I think my left thigh is hurting a bit. I met P in the bakery section of Tesco. We got some more bread, potato chips and alcoholic ginger beer. Back at home P made a crazy good pasta dinner and I ate way too much. We talked about work and some other serious stuff, but we got interrupted by the TV.

They showed a programme about a dead elephant being eaten in the wildernes. The crazy scientists kept saying how it was the most beautiful spectacle, but watching thousands of maggots wobble around on a rotten elephant corpus wasn't working for me. Science hin oder her, I didn't see much beauty there. Honestly, crazy scientists.

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